Ode to Germaine

My beautiful, smart, and ever faithful guide dog, Germaine, made it across the rainbow bridge yesterday.  How much I learned from her!  She was ever patient, lying under tables while we ate, enduring many long hours of meetings!  She perfected a technique to peak out from under the table so  she could encourage our friends to end the meeting! 


She went all over the country with me, even to Hawaii which was quite the feat!  She also went on a cruise, our helper mistook our cereal snack mix for her food, much to Germaine’s delight! 


Germaine brought so very many friends into our lives, for which I am eternally grateful!  I now like to think of her playing ball with my Daddy, and jumping through ocean waves!  I always said it is a good think I didn’t have to walk by the seawall going to work as I would never have made it—Germaine truly loved the ocean! 


Thanks to everyone who had a part in training and loving on Germaine, I miss her terribly but she left a wealth of wonderful memories!