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Guide Dog No. 2 — Iris!

Pat's Dog #2 in Portland

Well, It has been so long since I worked on this blog that I have retired my wonderful 14.5 yer-old guide dog, Germaine, and went to Guide dogs for the Blind in boring, Oregon to get Iris, a much smaller lab.

She as been with me just over a year now and is settling into my routines and our family nicely.  As for me, I am amazed at the quality training changes Guide Dogs has made and am also loving having a small dog—45 pounds!  I am able to bathe her myself, and she fits much more easily in planes and cars with tight quarters!  She is a delightful playful girl but totally dedicated to getting guide work done well.

Fortunately she and Germaine get along well together, so we’ve made it through our first year of getting Iris accustomed to our home and family.